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Clinical Impact explores your research's impact on the community of health care.

While bibliometrics traditionally only gives a representation of academic impact, clinical impact: shows research's impact on the practitioners. By analysing thousands of references in clinical guidelines.

From academic research to clinical guidelines

Gathering clinical guidelines from leading publishers, analyzing and retrieving the references, gives us the possibility to show the clinical impact® for a specific researcher, group and organization.

Keep track of what's in and what's out

All references are not created equal, context matters. clinical impact® keeps track of which references that are included, excluded and additional - so you can be sure that you are only seeing actual impact.

A very diverse clinical citation database

Gathering clinical guidelines from providers all over the world, including Cochrane Reviews, NICE Guidelines and The National Board of Health and Welfare in Sweden – clinical impact® is one of the most diverse clinical citation databases there is. Contact us to find out more about the 20+ guideline providers we have included in clinical impact®.

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